Elan Vital Media | WK 70: Latex Wars
WK 70: Latex Wars, Star Wars cosplay featuring Miranda Macabre and Emily Rose. Photographed by Ross Logsdon.
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WK 70: Latex Wars

The Galactic Empire is a fictional autocracy featured in the Star Wars films. The Galactic Empire is described and portrayed in various Star Wars media as a brutal dictatorship, one based on nationalization, state terrorism, xenophobic hatred, enslavement and genocide of nonhumans, threat of lethal force, and, above all else, constant fear.


Darth Vader appears in the original trilogy as a main and pivotal antagonist serving the Galactic Empire and commands the Imperial stormtroopers who serve as the army of the Galactic Empire, establishing Imperial authority and putting down any revolts. 


Ross Logsdon (photographer), Miranda Macabre (Model) and Emily Rose (Model) collaborate to give us a stripped down version of the Galactic Empire with emphasis on the stripped.


Be on the look out for EVM Volume 2 Issue 5. Our Sci-Fi Cosplay issue to be released soon.

In this industry its hard to find who you are, its difficult to showcase yourself and to find a way for others to understand and connect with you; while still being your unapologetic organic self. My goal as an alternative model is for my pictures to reflect every aspect of that struggle.


I want everyone who sees me to know who I am and what I’m about while still being able to surprise and delight the public with my artistic flair. I am someone who belives no matter what you wear or how much skin you choose to show that you are natural, nudity should be normalized. Being weird should be celebrated!
I have and will continue to dedicate my life to this fight. Let your freak flag fly!


My advice to everyone is to enjoy every aspect of life. The ups and downs, the strange situations you may be thrown into. I put on myself on, no matter what character I’m playing for that day and shoot for what matters! ~Miranda Macabre

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