Elan Vital Media | WK 71: Spider-Man Pays It Forward
WK 71: Spider-Man Pays It Forward, Spiderman cosplay featuring Brice Page and photographed by Hal Masover.
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WK 71: Spider-Man Pays It Forward

Spider-Man, depicted here by Brice Page and photographed by Hal Masover, is a fictional superhero created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko. He appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics, as well as in a number of movies, television shows, and video game adaptations. The character is conceived as an orphan named Peter Parker being raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben in New York City after his parents Richard and Mary Parker were killed in a plane crash.


His origin story depicts him as being bitten by a radioactive spider and thus acquiring spider-related abilities, such as the ability to cling to most surfaces; shoot spider-webs using wrist-mounted devices of his own invention, which he calls “web-shooters”; and react to danger quickly with his “spider-sense”, enabling him to combat his many superpowered foes. Originally, the character uses these abilities for stardom, but after letting a burglar escape who is responsible for shooting his uncle, he learns to use his power responsibly.


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Brice Page is Spider-Man. Maybe not quite for real, but he’s as convincing as it gets. Brice is a college student studying computer science. I met up with him at a shopping mall in downtown Iowa City, IA. Yep! He was waiting for me in full costume. This guy is into it!


I had gotten there early, as is my practice, and scouted the area. I parked in the attached indoor garage and I’m looking at this structure and I’m thinking, “I can make this work!” And then the stairway and the elevator lobby really caught my attention.
I tell ya, it takes some guts to dress like that and pose in an elevator lobby. People were getting on and off the elevator the whole time we were there. Mostly they didn’t say anything. And the kids loved it. But here’s what I found interesting. No one laughed. No one made fun.


After spending a couple of hours with Brice getting these shots I was really interested – why SpiderMan?
Here’s what he had to say.
“The very first time I put on a costume is when I was in Austria and there was a costume contest and I said ‘Why not?’.
I got diagnosed with Wolff Parkinson White (WPW) and post surgery I was absolutely miserable. I told my surgeon if you get rid of this for good I will come here and be Spider-Man. My WPS never came back.


So I came into loving Spider-Man because he is an inspiration. He is smart, strong, does the right thing for the right reasons. Spider-Man has the powers to be a superhero but the mortality of everyone else. Also he is around 20 in the comics which is when I started to cosplay as him.


Now I cosplay to make the less fortunate kids have something to hold on to. Even if it is just one. I usually charge nothing for appearances.”


So you tell me who’s the real superhero, an actor that gets paid big bucks to step into a suit made with big money for a big budget studio, or a college kid that does appearances for free to inspire kids, to in some small way pay forward the gift he got from a surgeon?


Oh yeah, and he made the suit himself. ~Hal Masover Photographer

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