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WK 72: Tonya's Restraint, An unfiltered look into the BDSM lifestyle featuring Tonya Monie and photographed by Larry Green.
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WK 72: Tonya’s Restraint

The practice BDSM has generated a great deal of interest. Although it’s not a particularly accurate portrayal, the novel and film series Fifty Shades of Grey have helped bring the phenomenon into mainstream awareness.


Model Tonya Monie and Photographer Larry Green have given us a submission that may help to provide a little insight into these practices. Check out their work and read their article to learn how.


And if their submission peaks you’re interest into the world of BDSM, we suggest clicking this link to check out our BDSM edition on sale right now. http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1506451


It’s definitely worth exploring to shed more light on the artistry and pleasure of BDSM.

When Tonya almost died from a serious illness in the prime of her life, she vowed to live the rest of her life to the absolute fullest. She would live unrestrained by conventional morality, societal norms, or by any man. She would no longer let anyone else control what she wore, her comings and goings, or her sexuality. Most of all she would not let anyone, or anything keep her from pursuing her goal of being a model. She would free herself from all those restraints.


Little did she know that her modeling would allow her to willingly embrace restraint of another kind. For this magazine submission, she would allow herself to be tied, cuffed, gagged, and collared. She would give her body over to a man who would render her “powerless”, and in the process find a different kind of inner power and strength.


Tonya had worked with this photographer before and trusted that she would be in no real danger. Even though she had the final say in every detail of her binding, she would still be left completely vulnerable and exposed. Neither of them had much experience with Shibari, so the evening would be an exercise of trial and error. “Is this too tight?”, “Can you still move your legs?”, “Are you ok?”. Each knot, each passing of the rope around her body was another moment of trust and excitement.


They started in the dungeon. No rope, just cuffs on her wrists and ankles – attached to the cold wall and steel grate – a fairly safe way to start the evening. It would be fairly easy for Tonya to slip out of the cuffs and undo the ankle straps. Still, it was fun to pretend to be restrained and attached to an unforgiving surface. The ball gag took some getting used to. After a moment of near panic, she relaxed and enjoyed her mouth being stretched out beyond what it was used to.


The first rope was a lovely purple color. She thought, “Oh, that will go well with my outfit.” Even though the rope was soft and pretty, it was completely unyielding and unfeeling as it was wrapped around and between her legs. Then it was then tied around her body, pinning her arms and hands behind her back. Once Tonya was immobilized by the rope, the ball gag was put back into her mouth and the second bondage was complete. He left her there for a few minutes, which gave her time to feel and savor the sensation created by the tying and gagging. Alone with her thoughts for a moment, she began to fantasize about what someone might do to her while she was immobilized and “helpless”. Of course, she was not helpless at all. She had either designed or agreed to every aspect of this experience, so she was able to live out part of her fantasy, and enjoy the rest in her mind.


The next rope was coarse and abrasive. It dug into her skin and flesh. Each knot, each wrap was a new imposition on her flesh. It took a long time to tie her legs together and her hands to the bedpost. When he was done, Tonya’s muscles felt tight and ready for release. Later she would say, “The best part is when it’s over and your body starts to recover. It has the tactile memory of the pressure and the texture of the rope. But, it also feels alive. tingling, and happy to be free.


Would she do it again? Hell yes! ~Larry Green, Photographer

Model and HUMA: Tonya Monie Modeling (FB) 



Photographer: Larry Green Photography (FB)


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