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Stalking the Night

This set is nighttime modeling photography depicted at an abandoned National Guard Armory in Iowa. Photographer Hal Masover presents Model Sara Elizabeth revealing nighttime Urbex Fashion in this unique editorial. 

I am not sure, but I don’t think it’s possible to overstate what I think of this very talented woman. Sara Elizabeth acts in local theater and she does stand up comedy. Posing in front of a camera? Piece of cake!

Not that she takes it lightly. Hardly. She talks with photographers and other models, reads books, and watches YouTube videos to work on her modeling. When she’s not at work, rehearsing or doing standup, she’s running to shoots. From the first time I shot her in February of this year, she clearly brought a story to her poses.

For many models, posing is about technique. Put your weight on one foot, pop your hip, and if it’s bendable bend it, right? But what’s on your face? What’s the emotion you are conveying? What’s the story you are telling? I have photographed too many models that give me the same face, photo after photo. But for Sara the actress/stand up comic, just posing was never going to be enough.

Here’s a few words she had to say, “Acting and modeling gives me a chance to experience something I may never get a chance to in my own life. It’s dress up and playing pretend just like when we were kids. None of us get a chance to play and explore much in the adult world, so this gives me my chance! Improv comedy has taught me so much over the past 14 years, about taking life by the horns and leaving fears behind. “

For this shoot, Sara drove almost 2 hours to my town so we could shoot in a former National Guard Armory building, originally built in 1910. The building is now unoccupied but its owner keeps it maintained and weather tight. There’s no electricity, no water, no heat, but the windows, doors and roof are all in tact and the floors are all sound. The set shown here was shot on the roof after sunset. We used a single light on a lightstand balanced by Matt. Looking at the camera back as I shot, I started getting excited. “Batman” I said. “What?” I don’t think Sara was sharing my vision but Gotham at night was very alive in my eyes. She may not have been a caped crusader, but what a scene!

We finished the evening and Sara headed for her long drive home, and I felt like one of the luckiest people in the world. I’d just made art with one of the best friends I could have, Sara Elizabeth.

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