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A Watery Escape

This summer has been my summer of doing shoots of women in the water!

However, Kimberly was likely my last shoot in the water of this summer.  When I asked her why she models, here is what she said.

I have been in and out of modeling for just under the last 20 years. I started out as a professional dancer doing promotional appearances for the squad. We did swimsuit calendars and trading cards and such. After four years I moved from the Quad Cities to the Des Moines area and took a break for about a year. Upon my return to the Quad Cities I occasionally shot with friends for fun more than anything. In the past ten years I have found myself back in the dance and performing community and found I enjoy modeling as a hobby more than I ever have in the past! I especially found my people in the local facebook community Quad City Model and Photographer check in. After working with some talented local photographers, I was approached by a founding member to join the admin team and help give a voice to the ladies and models of the group. We have grown exponentially in the past three years and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us!


I think a lot of girls and women are curious about modeling early on. We see images of beautiful people and all the ads and images we see portraying people who appear to be living their best life, and I think everyone wants a piece of that. Some of us even dip our toe in the water and take a few pictures, but for many of us, we eventually come to a moment of reality. We are not all models. I honestly don’t see myself as a model. I see myself more as a girl who likes to take pictures and my only hope when I do so is that I’m happy with the results and the people involved are happy with the results. That used to just be the photographer and me. But since then it has grown to include MUAH, clients, calendars, magazines and so on. I only hope I continue to deliver the results we all are hoping for. 


To anyone out there that has dreams of becoming a part of this industry, I say go for it. We live in an incredible age of technology that allows anyone and everyone to share their creativity with the world with the press of a simple button. Try something, try anything, challenge yourself and push yourself and help others do the same. 

Photographer: Hal Masover

Model: Kimberly of Fe Feline Modeling and Promotions

Lighting Assistance by Preston Dale Hughes

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