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A Girl and Her Dolls

Little Desi played with dolls
All through her childhood years
She clothed them all in dresses
And put diamonds in their ears
They sat in pinks and purples
While she served them all their tea
Their vacant smiles never fading
All were happy as could be
One night when Desi suddenly woke
She noticed something odd
The dolls had left their chairs
And had her blankets really been clawed?
She hid beneath the covers
And she shook and cried in fear
She questioned what had gone awry
In the dollies she held so dear
As the rooster crowed, she ran in tears
To tell all of her frights
She had to tell her family
About what went bump in the night
But as she ran in circles
She realized something else was wrong
There was blood all over the walls
And she could feel that they were gone
The police ruled it random
And wiped the tears from her little face
They said she must have been lucky
And “They’re in a better place”
Desi tried so hard to explain
Without seeming too bizarre
She knew the ones who had done this
And they hadn’t come from far
When it finally came out what she meant
That she was speaking of her toys
She was sent to live in a home
With other troubled girls and boys
The horrors never ended
She was teased with every day
They wanted her all to themselves
And would stop anyone in their way
So years went by and tragedy came
There was nothing she could do
In any second of quiet
They whispered “We want to play with you”
She tried to end it all herself
The only way she saw any hope
But the dolls were always there
To stop the blood or cut the rope
So this was her reality
There was no breaking free
It never mattered if she snuck
Or if she tried to flee
For they were always lurking
In the shadows where she’d run
They thrived on this behavior
It was a game, and it was fun
She’d finally lost all hope
Of happiness or normalcy
A game piece for these creatures is all she was and would ever be
She gave into the nonsense
Because she wasn’t afraid anymore
She took them hand in hand
And embraced this dark new door
Now she’s dressed up in a little pink dress
And they put pretty bows in her hair
They drink their tea and giggle all day
They’re so happy she’s finally there
She’s forgotten any sense of herself
And the past is only a blur
Little Desi used to play with dolls
Now her dollies

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Models: Morgan Andrews, Michaela Hahn, Hannah Stinson, Deserae Manning 

Photographer: Mercedes Lcenogle 

Poem: Michaela Hahn 

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