Elan Vital Media | A Star Wars-based fan-art calendar for 2019!
A Star Wars-based fan-art calendar for 2019!
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2019 Star Wars Themed Model Calendar Release

If you like Star Wars and models, this is the calendar you need to be hanging on your wall, or collecting. 

In a place far, far away, a photographer traveled great distances to create artwork that would be a tribute to the saga. In the first-ever Star Wars-themed calendar by this photographer, he hopes the popularity will be so epic, that he will continue down his path of creating more artwork for fans across the galaxy. 

While this fan-art isn’t for the workplace, this is art that should be displayed proudly, counting down the days to the next release and installment of the saga, as it continues being created for a new generation of fans.  

From the Photographer: 

“As a lifelong fan of Star Wars, I’ve always wanted to be able to create something that’s a tribute to the thing that got me through my childhood. I would read the books, watch the movies over and over, play the games on the computer, anything I could do to get me through the day. Growing up, Star Wars was something that gave me inspiration. It helped my imagination build an infinite number of stories in my head and helped me escape from the reality I was in. 
Becoming a photographer wasn’t something I ever thought I would end up doing, let alone modeling photography. But, as a creative person, fueled by imagination and inspiration from my life, I have been working on creating a image library of unique Star Wars-based model portraiture that will only continue to build up over time. My ultimate goal with it is to keep as much of the images secretive as possible and only release a few at a time as I build up my collection and editing final renderings. Eventually, I will have quite the assortment of many different styles and genres, from bodypaint to fashion to conceptual to boudoir to lifestyle. Next year, I will hopefully be able to book more clients interested in having a look like this in their portfolio or being involved in the project so that I will be able to create as vast of a image “holochron” as possible. 
I hope anyone that views the images in this calendar enjoys my work as much as the people involved enjoyed creating it. 
Thank you for supporting me in my endeavors and supporting the charity that EVM contributes to by getting a copy to hang on your wall, or sending it as a gift to a friend.”


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