Elan Vital Media | Exclusiv's Christmas Issue Released!
Exclusiv's Christmas Issue Released!
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EXCLUSIV Christmas Issue Releases!

Wait ’til ya get a load of this issue! Remember when we all made fun of the kid in A Christmas Story getting his tongue stuck on the frozen pole? Or the leg lamp that was basically every young boys ideal image of a woman’s leg? Well, this issue should remind you of that very same feeling while perusing through the pages from cover to cover! Every model in this issue is the epitome of women. Don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself as you get ready to spend the holidays with family or friends. It may even help you out by giving you something to dream about while having to listen to a cousin or in-law’s tale of how awesome their life is – downloading a copy not only gives you something to look at while pretending to listen, it helps you sleep better at night knowing you helped support veterans this holiday season! That’s right – 50% of EVM overhead goes to charity at the end of every volume and Exclusiv is no exception! Get a copy today and be sure to thank the fat man for his holiday cheer and providing artistic inspiration in the modeling community that is bound to never expire in our lifetimes! Just click the picture below to get a copy all to yourself! You’ll thank us later! Tag us on IG @EVMEXCLUSIV and let us know which feature was your fave! Our models are having a competition for fan favorite this issue! 

Cover Model: Miss Brittanie Marie; Photography by Daniel Graham

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