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A Documentary on travel models that is sure to offer inspiration, education, and insights to what it takes to be a successful traveling model full time.
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Freeze Frame: A Story About Traveling Models

Two words: Unbelievably Phenomenal

If you haven’t seen it yet, I am going to encourage you to check out the preview for Freeze Frame. Seriously. Worth it. The preview is below – the link to get the season is below that. I honestly don’t know if me writing this article even does the show justice, but I’m going to try my best.

Freeze Frame is a documentary like no other. Literally.

I had the opportunity to interview Will LeBlanc about Freeze Frame. He’s the owner, producer, videographer, interviewer. This man has literally done everything to make this docu-series a reality. I’ve not once, ever, spoken to a humbler person about something they’ve created. I have to tell you, upfront, it was an absolute honor speaking with him.

Freeze Frame is a documentary about traveling models, what it takes to be one, and the in’s and out’s of the trade and craft. It isn’t for everyone, but offers so much valuable insight and knowledge that goes into being a traveling model, it’s no question that if that’s something you’re interested in doing in the future, you NEED to watch this show. The viability of the lessons learned, questions answered, and knowledge pertaining to different experiences is bar-none.

The show is based on 16 different models’ perspectives and has a length of 3 episodes for the first season. Mr. LeBlanc tells the story of traveling models and to his credit, this is something he has “waited 21 years to produce”. This is how important it is. The show literally answers so many questions I see asked on social media from models all over the world. While the show is based out of the United States, I think it has valuable insights that any independent model and photographers can learn from.

Will spent the past 2 years gathering information and conducting interviews to create the show – models traveling through his area or on shoots he was a part of and they sat down with him for a half-day shoot to go over different things they endured on a regular basis as full-time travel models – from expenses, to dating, to “guys with cameras”, to social media, to basically any other topic you can imagine.

No article I am able to write will ever be able to describe the importance of this documentary. I strongly recommend checking out the preview below, getting the season on iTunes, and learning about it. Whether you’re already a full-time model thinking about traveling, a part time model that aspires to get to that point, a photographer wanting to hire travel models, this show is insightful on all accounts.

The premier is December 19, 2018. I honestly don’t know how long it will be available for, but I can tell you, it’s worth the view, the watch, the share, the lessons. Plus, you get to see some incredible art being created throughout the process. What’s not to love about it?

This season’s models include:
Kay Jay
Charlie Kristine
Zoe West
Vivian Marquette
Brennan Hill
Serriah Nevadah
Liz Ashley
Lexi Carter
Karlina Von
Kiera Grant
Julia Wagner
Kerri Taylor
MK Blondie

Get the season by clicking HERE! And if you’re of mind to, mention EVM to Will to let him know we are supporting his endeavors and we’re rooting for his badassery to sweep the internet.

Til next time!

Will LeBlanc is the founder and creator of Freeze Frame. Based out of Texas, Will enjoys working on various film sets, photoshoots and videoshoots for clients, and telling people's stories through still and video imagery.

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