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Silkies Hike Oceanside 2018

Have you ever seen a pair of Silkies? You would know if you had…Teeny, tiny, unforgiving, Olive Drab shorts originally meant for Physical Training in the military. Although Silkies have been banned from the Marines for being too revealing, they’re still produced and very popular among military veterans and anyone who knows about their existence.

On Saturday, October 6th, approximately 1200 military veterans pulled out their best pair of Silkies to hike around the Oceanside coastal area. Yes, of course, the vets were kept busy by participating in hilarious and somewhat inappropriate games such as “Balloon Pop” (see pics for a good laugh), and attempting to setting a Guinness World Records for most vets in Silkies… in Down Dog. I had the Privilege of leading the yoga portion of the day and I can honestly say I’ve never had a class like the silkies veterans!

Although everyone was having fun and games, the main reason for these 22 kilometer hikes are to represent the 22 military a day that take their own lives. These hikes are about bringing other veterans together and knowing that someone is always there to help. The creators of Triple-B adventures and Silkies hikes Brady Pesola and Juan Ortiz-Romero always say that it’s not about awareness it’s about prevention. We are all aware of suicide but what can we really do to help?

The hike ended at Beautiful Oceanside amphitheater where we were met with the one and only Don O’Malley from Vet TV and Jesse James from Irreverent Warriors. One last thank you to Perseverance Survival for the $5000 donation making this hike possible.

Photography by : Robert Caudill

Article by: I Journey

The main groups behind the Silkie Hike are Jesse James from Irreverent Warriors  and Brady Pelose Triple B Adventures . 

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