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Exploded Candy Cane

Tis the season and what better way to get in the mood than with some sweet sweet candy. Can you taste it now? I guess I could show you my candy. Well if I were as sweet as the seasonal goodies I would just be a sweet candy cane so full of sugar. Oh how sweet it is.

After the pumpkin pie is time for the sweet minty freshness of the candy cane! Isn’t it wonderful? Well it sucks that it only comes a little over one month each year yet why not go ahead and run with the cliche and embrace the sweet twisted amazingness that is you?

At least this is what I think of myself when I look into the mirror these days. But like any good recipe something great takes time. I did not always feel this way. Just a little over 4 years ago I started my journey into modeling to change that. To change even the way I feel about my own sweetness.

Once upon a time I had not even a blemish but as life grew things happened. Throughout time there have been a blemish or two, an imperfection or five, and even the dreaded scars. A year ago I would not have believed you to tell me how beautiful I was. Now despite it all, the sweetness abounds and I see it each time I look in the mirror.

The time has come to meet my dreams and get dipped in the sweet stripes of the candy cane all twisted and knotted full of imperfections yet how beautifully sweet and wonderful. My flaws are are hidden in my confidence and in the end a beautiful ribbon and bow to top it off.

But oh how will you tie it off and put all of your beautiful candy into one package? Allow yourself the very confidence in which you have been denied for so long. Tis the season’s that may you even love others, including yourself.

May your candy be confident this season, allow it to taste so sweet and be as joyous as you know it in your heart. It’s not hard and is as close as your nearest mirror, and you don’t even have to put a bow on it. But hey why not go all in and be twisted and sweet? ‘Tis the season ya know? Be sweet ya’ll!

Model: Tonya Monie

Photographer: Kenny Smith

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