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Sexy in Swimwear

Raven Lexy and CJ show us how sexy swimsuits can be in todays feature. Along with an exclusive interview with CJ!

G: You have come a long way from being scouted to being on multi international publications. What was your key to success in your modelling career?

CJ: I believe being able to convey a good attitude and finding the right creative people to vibe with have been the key to getting as far as I have.

G: What was the biggest learning curve for you as a model?

CJ: That modeling is so much more than just standing in front of a camera. You have to learn posing, facial expressions, angles, how to highlight and accentuate clothing, how to a voice to the look a photographer or art director may want.

G: Can you tell us your most memorable modelling experience? (please try to give as much detail as possible like a story)

CJ: I ended up traveling to the Bahamas for a shoot with Maxim France and immediately turned around to get on a plane to fly out to South Africa to shoot a generosity water campaign worth 10k that I had been flown out for. They had me do this amazing shoot with a Cheetah which is one part terrifying and one part exhilarating!

G: What were your prior experiences in the fashion industry (except for modelling) before you started your own athletic brand “Neon Beige”?

CJ: Outside of modelling, I hadn’t any previous experience. It was when I went to business school did I see a hole in the fashion industry for cute atheisure wear. I found myself asking why all the clothing women wear were being designed by men who didn’t really understand what a woman wants to look and feel like. It seemed like a position I wanted to put myself in being a woman in a predominantly male field.

G: You have done some stunning swimwear shoots. Any posing tips or other tips for models doing swim shoots?

CJ: Be aware of your body. What highlights and what downplays. Angles are your best friend. Don’t get tense. Be out there having fun on your shoot. It’ll show in the final photos!

G: Has your dad given you any modelling advise? What were they and have they come in handy?

CJ: My dad told me to never let anyone convince or discourage me from the path I was on. As I’ve gotten older, he couldn’t have been more right! I do remember the first time I told him I wanted to be a model and he said, “You’re not going to be a model, you’re smart like your mom!” Obviously you know which path I went on.

G: How do you manage your brand, your modelling, stand-up comedy AND looking after your two dogs? Do you get any time for yourself?

CJ: Don’t forget time to travel. I don’t consider myself a balanced person and when I get excited by a project, by my work, I just work tirelessly on it. I block off days designated to shoots, design, or comedy. I just keep going because I don’t know what else I should be doing! I wouldn’t recommend that for everyone but this is the path that works for me.

G: Apart from spending time with your dogs, what do you like to do on your down time?

CJ: I gave up my place in LA and decided I was going to spend my time traveling when I wasn’t working. I haven’t regretted that decision!

Photographer and Interviewer: Gio Rhivers

Models: Raven Lexy and CJ

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