Elan Vital Media | Cocktails & Couture 2019: Tour de Time Fashion & Art Party
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Cocktails & Couture 2019: Tour de Time Fashion & Art Party

One of Tampa’s annual fashion entertainment events, Cocktails & Couture Fashion Show & Party, took place on Saturday, January 12, 2019. It is the seventh year the festivity has taken over The Ritz in Ybor City. Produced by Tribeca Color Salons, Sunset Events and SQUARE ONE, this year’s theme was Tour de Time, “a celebration of eras of fashion and parties, from the disco glam of Studio 54 to the desert blaze of Burning Man.”

Custom cocktails named after celebrities add to the party atmosphere while attendees celebrated the era of yesterday through dance and their fashionably time chosen outfits. Each space of the venue highlighted visual art and a community vibe as friends reunited and strangers became friends. The event featured fashion by Dé Johnea Bianca, The Disco Dolls, Elizabeth Carson Racker, Eric Ondina, Kingsland by Kevin Arnett, Muse by Pablo, Smrz Vintage and Vicky Anglo. Unlike the typical fashion shows with store buyers, the media and fashion fans sitting quietly critiquing the items adorning the runway, Cocktails & Couture’s crowd is far from the normal fashion show attendees. 

From metallics for earth tones and glimpses of fur to lingerie, gowns, and streetwear, the differences in the types of textures and styles were a compliment to the diversity in the models chosen to walk the runway. Diversity abounded throughout the event and in the audience. A melting pot of shapes, cuts, layers, and fabrics showed left the people anxious for more.

The standing-room crowd cheered and shouted for the wares or models they loved and at the jokes made by the emcee DJ Ekin. Attendees danced while they enjoyed the music chosen by each of the fashion designers as well as the sounds played by performances from Anye Cole, Femmes & Follies, Vegas Style Show Girls of Tampa, Vigore Entertainment, VYB Dance Company and the selections by DJ Jeremy Gloff.

Cheers to the rest of this year’s fashion season and the anticipation of more great events in the Tampa Bay area!

Photographer: Ron Vaz

Writer: Ebony Vaz

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