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Orange Sunset

Erica is a dancer. Erica is a model. Erica is an artist. Erica plays clarinet in the school show choir, plays in the marching band and in the regular band. Erica says she would “totally do more if I could but all of this usually takes up most of my week.”

Erica is amazing.

Oh, and she’s still in high school.

Yeah. Really.

Erica may change the world but even if she does not, the world will have to change to make room for her.

If what I wrote here sounds like Erica is larger than life, then I have misled you. Erica’s charm is that she is unassuming – quietly having fun. And then you realize what she just did and suddenly her light is burning brighter.

The first shoot she did with me was her first shoot as a model. Her mother brought her. Apparently they had a lot of fun because her father came to the next two shoots and is planning to come to a third in the near future.

These remarkable parents support their daughter in every way necessary for her talent to bloom. Kim and Minh Ly also have a son Justin currently serving in the United States Navy.

Their enthusiastic involvement in their children’s lives is an inspiration and has clearly paid off in these remarkable children.

Erica was one of the models in our Women in the Water 2019 Calendar – order yours if you have not done so yet!

Erica’s advice to newby models – “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know! This means that in order to learn how to be a good model, you can’t just watch videos or read books about how to model. Nothing beats meeting real photographers and models who can teach you how to pose correctly. These professionals can teach you exactly what the industry is looking for. Plus you gain more experience and meet cool new people!”

Did I mention Erica and her parents are amazing people? Oh. Guess I did. Hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoyed making them.

Photographer: Hal Masover

Model: Erica Ly

Bikini: EVM Apparel

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