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Waterfall Hottie

Look now we both know you want to right!  Here we have a very fine, real, authentic, down to earth gal like me looking nice and hot in my swimsuit.  Yes gentlemen the curves are real and nothing fake.  What you see is what you get.  

How dare you ask my age!  A true lady will never tell.  My curves and soul make up for any of those limitations that come with your quest for age. We could jam out to classic hits like a sensational song by Queen.  You know the one about girls bottoms.  Well I may be a lady but my bottom as you can see is just as much fun if not more and I will promise I will make your rocking world go ‘round!

Oh hey I see you looking at my lovely one piece. Isn’t your lady going to get jealous?  Yeah I can do it in one piece.  No fluff and so much more to accent and leave just enough to your over the top imagination.  It’s ok I know I look good.

I have worked hard on my body.  Don’t get me wrong I’m no pushover or one of those easy achieved tasks.  I’ve worked too hard for too long to give it away too easily.  So just just because you see some extra skin does not mean you are any closer!

Yeah you’re right maybe we should cool off a bit first.  How about we just step over here under this waterfall?  Oh this will be so nice.  I mean I’m already here and you no longer have to chase waterfalls.  Look where I am at.  

Don’t tell me you don’t like to make big splashes!  That’s where all the fun is.  Go ahead jump on in the water is more than fine.  Ya know.  Just like me.  

No swim trunks?  Well I guess you may need to think outside the box then huh?  Don’t be a stranger for too long now.  I’m only shy at first.  I mean it has been a very long winter and it’s time to turn up the heat and get wet.  

So what are your waiting for?  It’s been a long time but you will get the whole package here, not just good looks and fine curves.  Won’t you come on in and swim with me si vous plait?  What else can I do in French?  Come on in and find out!

Modeling and Story by: Tonya Monie

Photographer: D.j. Henderson

Makeup Artist: Octavia Davis

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