Elan Vital Media | Elan Vital Magazine Pride Issue Release
Elan Vital Magazine releases it's Pride Issue
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Pride Issue Release

In our first LGBTQ+ Issue for Elan Vital Magazine, we wanted to have the opportunity to inspire others within the community, ask questions, and share individuals’ journey’s, whether it’s of trials or triumphs.

Throughout the past few years, the LGBTQ+ community has been gaining more momentum for fair and equal rights throughout the government and within our Western society, but they still face a vast hurdle to be considered “normal” to people on a large scale, whether it’s acceptance or whether it’s not being discriminated against for who they are.

With our own nation struggling with divisiveness on virtually every topic, the message to accept and love each other as humans is something we feel impacts people everyday. We have so many larger things to worry about than a person’s decision on where they eat, whom they love, or what they do with their personal lives.

We salute the LGBTQ+ community as a whole as they are on the front lines in a large war on equal rights from many different angles, and hopefully this issue we’ve been able to produce with the extraordinary help of the contributors will inform others that no matter who you are, you’re human, and deserve to be respected. If you’re struggling, we hope this issue helps you get through your tough times and see that good things are bound to come.

Interviews, personal stories, and words of support are filling this issue, along with quality photographic works that may just prove to offer some motivation to take some of your own images, or just reflect on certain aspects of society and ways to help improve it, come together, and not further divide ourselves. There’s two different covers to choose from! Click on your favorite and download a copy or order one in print, or both!

Cover Models Marie and Jessica; Photography by Bryan Collins
Cover Model Emilee Thornton; Photography by Keith Baumbaugh

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