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Work for EVM!

Currently seeking for the following opportunities (Application period is June 15-June 30; Interviews will be conducted between June 29-July 5; Offers will be sent out July 10; Final Response (if offered) is due by July 15th):


Elan Vital Magazine Promo Models
(must have minimum 2k+ followers on IG or 5k+ on FB)
Models should have experience in the following:
Brand Ambassador, Promotions, and selling products (calendars, patreon, prints, apparel, etc), funneling, IG/FB “pods/groups”
Models should be engaged with their fan base
Models should be willing to put forth a minimum of 10hrs/week for EVM Promotions
Promo Model Positions:
Social Media (IG), Social Media (FB), Social Media (FB Group Moderator), Apparel Promotions, Affiliate Model


Elan Vital Media Video Editor
Looking to fill this role in order to have a video editor for our YouTube Channel hosting a variety of shows, clips, commercials, and behind-the-scenes.
Must have experience with overlays, pop-ups, sound editing, etc. Video Editor will be editing raw video sent from Staff and helping manage the YouTube Channel


Elan Vital Graphics (Apparel) Manager
We are seeking a graphic artist to manage our apparel designs, sales, and products offered through our apparel storefront. 


Writing Positions (6-12mo Internships):

Elan Vital Magazine/Media Writers
Articles, Short Stories (Fiction/non-fiction, Fantasy, Event Coverage)


PLEASE NOTE: If you’re applying to be a promotional model, facebook.com is NOT a link to your portfolio – it is a website. (this also goes for dropbox.com, instagram.com, etc – please include the FULL URL to your portfolio/resume). Lastly, if you are applying to work with us and don’t even follow us on social media – we probably won’t take you seriously.
This is a public service announcement brought to you by the management.

If one of those positions strikes your fancy, shoot us a message using the form below: 

I would LOVE to work with EVM!

GREAT! We need a bit of info from you as an initial job app so we can get in touch if you fit what we're looking for!