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EVM Cover Model Search
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Assortment of Recent Covers

For Cover Model Set submissions, please refer to the guidelines below as it pertains to Elan Vital Magazine and use the form to submit for consideration.

Cover Model submissions should be of higher quality in regards to wardrobe, photography, and modeling overall. Models that are selected to be a Cover Model must STILL submit a set under the month’s issue overall theme prior to the deadline specified. Cover Model Submissions are separate submissions than feature submissions in the fact they are specifically looked at first for being on the cover. If you want to submit a separate set for regular monthly issue feature on our website or in the monthly issue, please use our submissions form at the EVM Submissions Guide.

Cover Model submissions MUST include a 400 word minimum written article that is either a bio of the model, a request for EVM interview of the model if selected, or a story that correlates to the set being submitted. The article needs to be in a Word Document or PDF and attached in with the set or sent as an attachment in a follow-up email. The article should be relevant to the model, the set being submitted, or the overall theme of the issue.

Submissions should include 12-14 images sized correctly for print standards (dimensions of 8.5x11in, 11x17in, at 300dpi). If selected for Cover, the set will be a larger, multi-page feature than our other features.

Images submitted should be consistent editing – do not submit various edited images, otherwise your submission will be revoked.

If you have multiple sets, submit each one independently.

Images and written article need to be in the same file in dropbox, wetransfer, etc. Directions are explained on the submission form. Articles may be sent in the follow-up email.

Cover Models selected receive an additional payout percentage, which is based on total number of sales of the issue they are on the cover of.

Please follow-up with an email to bonjour@elanvital.media in case we need to email you notifications, have questions, or there need to be corrections made.

Cover Model

Submit using this form ONLY if you want your set to be considered as a Cover Model Set.

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