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Based out of Florida, Chris Rifkin is one of our photographers that travels often and shoots worldwide. To follow him on social media, click the link below for his instagram!

Chris Rifkin – Instagram

Gio Rhivers, currently based out of El Paso, TX, is an affiliate with EVM, providing content from around the world along while hosting events via his brand ShootVentures. To see more of his work and to look into ShootVentures, check out his website and social media below!

Gio Rhivers – Website

Gio Rhivers – IG

ShootVentures – IG

Missy Terry represents our staff based out of New Mexico, hosting group shoots and providing content from the American Southwest. To follow Missy on social media, click the link below!

Missy Terry – IG

Missy Terry – Website

James Setzer

Logan Grey

Jim Shannon

Dan Stone

Ron Mercer

Robert Hold

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