Elan Vital Media | EVM Unicorn Application Page
Models looking to work with Elan Vital Media should apply through this page in order to be a Unicorn for EVM.
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Violet Pixie, Exclusiv Model, is seen here wearing one of our swimsuits designed for EVM by Hayley Zacha Graphic Design. Photography by Matt Crawford


Not all Models are created equal. There. We said it. While all Models have potential to be awesome, some seem to rise above the rest in the various circles of the Modeling Industry. Whether they’re looked at as role models for aspiring Models, whether they’re constantly booked for shoots across the planet, or whether they’ve gone above and beyond just simple Modeling and on to more larger challenges in their careers.

We’re seeking Models with drive, tenacity, spunk, creativity, quality work, and a unique set of skills earned over a period of time that will not only help EVM grow, but in turn, we’re able to help you succeed in your dreams.

Unicorns for EVM will have several responsibilities on their list, as we take the industry seriously. Being a Unicorn is not for the faint of heart, or for the mere hobbyist. We’re looking for the best of the best.

If you think you have what it takes, we encourage you to apply! Our application process is opened in periods but we keep your application on file for up to 4 months after you apply initially.

Read through what it is we’re looking for and if you’re up for the challenge, submit an application using the form below!


*Punctuality – ability to turn in features in a timely manner before deadlines – website feature deadlines are the last day of each month, monthly issue deadlines for Unicorns are the 10th of each month prior to the issue’s release.
*Brand Loyalty – EVM is competitive and it’s paid on commission – think of it like Patreon/OnlyFans/etc, you get a percentage of the sales of every issue sold each month.
*Positive Attitude – We hate drama and strive to keep our readers and fans from it
*Desire and a Drive to Succeed – As we grow, you reap the benefits of that growth
*Quality Portfolio – ability to work with quality creatives to create quality sets
*Brains – this doesn’t mean we expect you to have a college degree, but we expect you to have ideas, above average writing skills, and researching skills, plus intelligence is sexy
*Wants to be challenged – EVM isn’t about the bland and boring. We want to show the world why we are the best brand out there. RBF in every shot is boring. Don’t be afraid to get your hair wet, smile, throw some dust everywhere and rise above.

Along with those qualities and skills, we also prefer the following to be met or exceeded:
*Main Social Media Interaction Platform should be a active, engaging
*Variety of styles
*Ability to create content within the themes of the print Volume
*Access to a computer on a regular basis
*Ability to interact with EVM fan base

*Computer access is preferred but not mandatory
*Skype access – this is for monthly staff calls

All Model Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.

I'm a Fucking Unicorn

Apply to be an Official EVM Unicorn

Models (L-R): Kaitlyn Bland, Danielle Lynn, Brandi Nicole
Photography by Hal Masover

Do not fret if you are not selected as a Unicorn your first go! We have affiliate positions as Sparkles – they’re basically baby Unicorns. Think of it like a Unicorn-In-Training!

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